I have thought long and hard about Trump, and I have come to this realization – he could easily be a very good voice to help shape the path to the Republican nomination, but he is a far cry from being in a position to secure the nomination. First of all, we are still a year out from that, and a lot can happen between now and then. Most likely his mouth will get him into trouble. However, his voice stands out and speaks to many marginalized conservatives who feel (and rightfully so) as if they have been abandoned by their establishment for power and solidified careers in public office. The establishment has used their base when they needed them most in every election season, but Wednesday morning after election night its back to business as usual.

While Trump’s words today are thought provoking and have gripped America’s attention on topics such as illegal immigration and sanctuary cities,  it is important not to forget that this man held liberal views longer than he has claimed to be conservative. He did not change these views (publicly at least)  until he first thought about running for office in 2011.  He has been pro-choice, pro universal healthcare, and he has lined the pockets of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer. I realize the idea of a politician who runs financed by his own money – not someone else – and someone who is outside of Washington is a very attractive idea. Being a savvy business man, Trump is a natural opportunist. I will withhold any support for him until its clear he is a serious contender for the nomination. As of right now, he is doing a great job at making our politicos who are running, step up to the plate and answer some pretty good questions that we might not have otherwise.

I’m still hoping for Cruz.

– Liz Nicole

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