I decided to start blogging because I was exhausted (and so was my family) at just ranting at the television this week. As you know, the Main-Stream-kool-aid-swigging-media has been obsessed with the debacle that is Syria. It has managed to get the attention from the likes of msnbc, that Benghazi failed to almost a year ago this week.

Which is actually quite stunning to someone like me, since this week could be (yet again) another potential Bay of Pigs for the Perfect One. Since his presidency began I saw something like this coming down the pipe. I knew he would more than likely underestimate (or sweep under the oval office rug?) the terror threat to our nation. This was made all the more evident as he pranced around his campaign trail in 2011 proclaiming that “Al Qaeda is on the run” because of his victory in killing Bin Laden.


Oh how I hate being right.

Lets say that Congress does indeed give Obama the green light he is begging for. This would ultimately result in throwing the voting American public into another engagement, that is even less popular than Iraq, and just like Iraq it would last longer than the public wants. The whole “Shot across the bow” concept is just utterly laughable. There is nothing that can be done in this region of the world that will not be prolonged. Not only this, but we would be in severe danger of the “engagement” escalating into a war against Russia, since they would be more than happy arming the Syrian Army against us.

And the last, but most important point to me is this:

We would be aiding and fighting alongside those who rammed our airplanes into our skyscrapers.

Since when, exactly, did our enemies become our allies??? Do we want to be Al Qaeda’s Army? As of today it seems as if our President isn’t going to get his way in Congress this go-round. Which will make for an interesting week in the coming days. If Congress says no, The President can heed Congress, nurse his ego in the residence, and accept his permanent Lame-Duck Status, OR he will ignore Congress. This action does not seem too far-fetched with the Perfect One’s given track record with our Constitution. If he were to go this unilaterally, he would have succeeded in alienating pretty much everybody. In either one of these scenarios I see major losses for the Dems in the mid-terms, but if the President pushes us into a war…Hillary Clinton will never be President.

Which is most likely the reason we have not heard one cackle from her mouth.

– Liz Nicole

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